The Ryzen 7 X and the Core i7 K battle for the high-end share of the CPU market in one of the most processor-competitive periods the last 20 years has ever seen. The die is laid out in the same essential way as Skylake, with two rows of CPU cores sandwiching the ring bus, each core with a dedicated L2 cache and 2 MB slice of the L3 cache.

Each core can address the entire 16 MB of L3 cache on the die.

3700x best bios settings

Intel is starting to reach the core-count barrier beyond which the ringbus has to be junked in favour of Mesh Interconnect tiles, or it will suffer the detrimental effects of ringbus latencies. Intel has also improved the integrated memory controller to now support up to GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory. For the past 15 or so years, Intel dominated AMD at IPC, while AMD attempted to remain competitive by upping the core count at a much higher rate than Intel at any given price point for competitive multi-threaded performance.

The 3rd generation Ryzen family even includes a core processor, which is a tremendous core count for the mainstream-desktop platform. Continuing the talk about performance, we can split this category into two main parts; single core and multicore.

Both CPUs excel at them and are marketed to be high-end desktop processors that can do it all without breaking a sweat and that includes gaming, streaming, editing, rendering and other workloads, sometimes running at the same time!

Ryzen 7 3700x broken power settings (Hot mess!)

Because single core performance is a junction between IPC and clock speed, both processors perform fairly similar in lightly threaded tasks. An obvious example is the following. Multi core performance is very important as well for a huge range of applications and workloads, including the all popular gaming.

While single core performance will always translate into increased performance, multicore is a slightly different beast; there are cases like well threaded applications that will efficiently use every ounce of core and thread your CPU has to offer and applications like game engines that will only need just a few to run well.

This is why the majority of games will scale amazingly in performance to 4 or 6 cores but if you provide them with more they will simply just ignore them. The sweet-spot less than 5 years ago was the 4 core 8 thread CPU because frankly, it was more than enough for the majority of people. Today, the standard midrange performance for the majority of consumers are the 6 cores CPUs; 8 is already considered high-end but the sales values and application requirements in the past few years has showed a trend that people need more cores and threads for their daily computing adventures.

Both Intel Core i7 K and AMD Ryzen 7 X come with an unlocked clock multiplier meaning that they can be manually tweaked by the user on compatible motherboards.

The overclocking experience with the Core iK is more straight forward than you might initially think; great motherboard features and the intuitive BIOS interface let you adjust voltages, clocks and LLC load line calibration without much fuss. With air coolingoverclocking is generally held back by temperatures despite the soldered IHS. Liquid cooling seems to be a must if you want to take this CPU over the 5 GHz threshold but it also depends on silicon lottery; you might get lucky and get a better overclocker than average.

***The Official Ryzen 3700X Overclocking thread***

On water, you can reach a completely stable 5. You might be able to boot fine at 5. The silicon lottery plays a big role here, too. On the other hand, AMD Ryzen 7 X overclocking was even easier as we could increase the voltage up to 1. At that voltage setting, our maximum manual overclock was 4. This way, some cores may even sustain 4. This is important if power consumption during multi-threaded tasks matters for you.

Even though these CPUs hit different maximum clock speeds, 4. This is due to what we talked about at the beginning of the article, IPC matters and clock speed is not the full story.

3700x best bios settings

Intel is still ahead in the gaming department but the margin is not big enough to justify the big price premium and the lack of hyper threading. The small gaming performance advantage perishes before the stellar multi thread performance of the X that is one class over the K, equaling the Core i9 K. Many would ask why is the X slower in gaming than the K if the single-core performance is on par and multi-core is a lot better and the answer lies in the study of latency.Discussion in ' CPUs ' started by easyriderJul 29, Log in or Sign up.

Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Show only OP. Aug 14, at AM Capodecina Joined: Nov 5, Posts: 19, The chip never goes above no matter what the load, and actually sits there all core boost to that level even on idle. Aug 14, at PM I had a quick go at an all core OC using Ryzen Master Im using a Corsair HI Pro and have plenty of case cooling with 2x mm and 2x mm intake fans, front side and bottom of the case.

I did not touch any settings other than Ryzen Master, so used Profile One, selected cores and linked all and set tothen included voltage and set it to 1.

I only had a quick mess with it as never used the software before and this is my first Ryzen CPU, been on Intel for over a decade and things are different in the bios from my previous intel board hence why i tried Ryzen Master, looked easier lol. Aug 15, at AM It seems Cinebench is the software to use for the best indication of multi core performance.

Is it also Cinebench or is there something better? Aug 15, at PM Did some further testing last night Ryzen Master does show the voltage and vdroop under load too, just make sure that after you select and apply a profile, you click on HOME to see the live results. I loaded the latest 1. I had my i5 k up and running at 4. Does anyone have a link to a decent guide, i cant find anything clear as there is so much speculation on bios issues and versions etc.Register Now!

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3700x best bios settings

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3700x best bios settings

Press here if you would like to see it. I am trying to install my new ryzen 7 x cpu into my x gaming plus motherboard. I have used my ryzen 7 to install the new bios "Version 7A33v5JM Beta version Release Date " and the computer works perfectly using the "I am typing this with it right now".

When I install the ryzen 7 x the computer posts perfectly every time. I can press delete and get into the bios settings and the computer seems to work fine. But as soon as it tries to boot from any source, usb, sata, dvd, m. Every time. I have tried removing all usb devices, keyboard mouse ect and nothing changed. I tried removing all of the bootable devices and the computer will just turn on and automatically go to the bios settings screen.

No matter what bootable device I install it will freeze at the same point each time. I have tried a usb with windows 10 installer, a sata ssd with windows 10, a m. The bios screen reports that I have 5 keyboards plugged in even if I use the ryzen 7 This is not true I have two plugged in.

I would really love any help getting this cpu going I am excited to use it. Thank you! JPG I still can't get this working and I can't contact MSI support, it keeps giving me error server is busy.

Have you tried to boot from boot menu? Another USB flash? USB2 port directly on back panel? Sorry for offtop. System was running since with R7 X and then with R5 X since OS - Win 10 Pro When I flash beta bios 5JM it constantly loads system ssd. In bios settings works good. OS was not reinstalled with new bios. Same thing with both CPU's - and Flashing old stable bios resolves the problem, but new CPU becomes unusable.

Hope for soon bios version update. Marked as best answer by Motherboard Man on July, Do you see the USB pen? Does it work? Hoping it shall help. I had tried most of what you recommended already but I had never touched the ram or video card. I removed one memory stick and put the video card in the first slot and I was able to boot and run memtest which passed with no errors.AMD is putting pressure on Intel by releasing the best price to performance processors.

Their third-generation processors come with more cores and threads as compared to first and second-generation CPUs. Ryzen 7 x is an overkill processor you can get without breaking your bank. This CPU comes with eight cores and sixteen threads which are enough for any game or application these days. Also, the base clock of this processor is 3. It is true that the Intel Core iK offers more raw performance and is slightly better, but for multi-core applications Ryzen CPUs outperforms.

The overclocking powers of Intel are better than the Ryzen 7 x. And with this combo, you can target frame rates in the latest AAA games. These AMD processors give you the best performance in games, but if you do streaming, you can get more advantage out of them. Ryzen 7 x is a future proof processor and can be last for the upcoming three or four years. The only thing you have to do is upgrade your graphics card in two years of time frame.

Also, this processor comes with stock cooler, but if you are super crazy about the resolution, We would recommend you to get an aftermarket cooler with it. You might already know that ASUS has one of the most significant market shares in the computer industry. The reason behind this is the quality components they use in their products which makes them last longer. If you got some excellent budget for the motherboard and want aesthetics and performance, this one is good for you.

This motherboard is not for budget gamers; it comes with all premium features and is built for enthusiasts gaming and only consider it if you can afford it.

This x series motherboard gives you high overclocking power for Ryzen 7 x and high-speed M. It supports dual channel GB of memory and has a clock speed of Mhz and overclockable up to Mhz.

It also has steel armour on PCI slots which gives support and allows you to install big graphics cards on it. This motherboard has two M.What is curious about the new chip is just how closely it follows its power limitations. When having a closer look at the new Ryzen 9 X, first we have to enjoy the sheer amount of cores of this processor! Another thing to note in the results between the X results and the X, is that un-core power on the latter is quite higher.

Comparing the full load power characteristics of both SKUs, they end up extremely competitive in both their respective categories. While posting substantial performance improvements of the core Threadripper counterparts, the X still manages to be significantly less thermally constrained thanks to its much lower power consumption, peaking in at W. Turning on PBO will increase the single-threaded performance of the X by a few percent, scoring just slightly higher than the stock settings.

Naturally the 4. Finally, a Cinebench R15 MT run shows similar multi-threaded behaviour, with the 4. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. I have been waiting for this one. Let us start reading.

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How can I get the most out of my x? Thread starter Smoked Brisket Start date Jun 15, Smoked Brisket Limp Gawd. Joined Feb 6, Messages So, in the past, I have never cared about overclocking or seriously tweaking in the bios. My first build was with an Athlon xp and a pro, that will tell you how long I have been a builder for myself and the occasional family member.

Back then tweaking was more serious and, quite honestly, it was tough to risk parts you could not replace. Over the past 15 years or so I have simply bought the best intel chip, the best nvidia card, enabled xmp and called it a day. So here I am today all in on 2 Ryzen builds because, well we get older and, hopefully, have more funds for this hobby, AMD finally gets it shit together and makes a compelling product that is interesting enough for me to finally switch back.

Interesting, as I made these recent purchases I kept saying that to myself. AMD is more interesting right now, they are trying some things that are not brute force and competing. Now I am sitting here with my x and my xt and I have done the same thing I always do, xmp enabled, all else to auto, job done. It doesn't feel quite right. This is a fully custom water loop system, and my temps are not where they should be.

Don't misunderstand, the temps are ok, idle mid 30's and 79 under AIDA64 stress test. However I do know water cooling, I have done it alot. That is good but not quite what it should be. I have tested and tried everything on the hardware side, trust me on this, I have gone overkill on cooling hardware.

Please do not misunderstand, I am not afraid for my cpu or system, it runs fine, but I have read so much about voltage, PBO, setting everything up right with ryzen master, power plans, etc etc. I do believe that as a Ryzen owner there are some tweaks that I need to make to get the temps that I should have and to get the most out of it. So that is what I am asking, is there a definitive guide to how to optimize ryzen processors?

Can one of you guide me through the process? Yes there are lots of opinions on the internet, but I trust these forums rather than some guy with a blog or, god forbid reddit.Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Show only OP. May 1, at PM 1. Hi all. Currently running an i7 k system which I see still command a great resale price on ebay.

I've done some reading Does that sound realistic in terms of the infinity fabric speed? Is MHz the official upper range? May 1, at PM 2. May 1, at PM 3. May 1, at PM 4. Thanks for the replies. May 1, at PM 5. May 3, at PM 6. I love my new machine.

Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 3700X

RAM in I'm reasonably happy with that outcome. May 3, at PM 7. May 4, at AM 8. May 4, at PM 9. May 4, at PM Mine does mhz and but only if i ease it through other timings first, and even then it had to have the exact right settings in the LLC and soc voltage otherwise it won't boot and I have to start from scratch. My advice is get it stable at as fast as you can and leave it alone. Advice I don't take lol I had mine at 4.

Nutella33 Mobster Joined: Feb 15, Posts: 2, May 5, at PM Ok ta. Forget about that phony calculator, educate yourself a bit on the DDR4 and do a full manual oc. You will be much surprised on the outcome. Wasted so much time going the "easy way". Finally gave up and rtfm. I know it might all sound like poo from the start, but give it a bit of thought and it will clear.

May 6, at AM Last edited: May 6, Its the simplest and straightforward piece on the DDR4 that I have found so far. You must log in or sign up to reply here.