Popular styles of Japanese pop music included technopop during the s—s, city pop in the s, and Shibuya-kei in the s. The origin of modern J-pop is said to be Japanese-language rock music inspired by the likes of The Beatles.

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Inthe Japanese subsidiary of Tower Records defined J-pop as all Japanese music belonging to the Recording Industry Association of Japan except Japanese independent music which they term "J-indie" ; their stores began to use additional classifications, such as J-club, J-punk, J-hip-hopJ-reggaeJ-animeand Visual kei byafter independent musicians started to release works via major labels.

Hide of Greeeen openly described their music genre as J-pop. He said, "I also love rock, hip hop and breakbeats, but my field is consistently J-pop. For example, hip hop musicians learn 'the culture of hip hop' when they begin their career. We are not like those musicians and we love the music as sounds very much. Those professional people may say 'What are you doing?

jpop album

The good thing is good. However, the melodies were often written according to the traditional Japanese pentatonic scale. Jazz musician Ryoichi Hattori attempted to produce Japanese native music which had a "flavor" of blues. Modern J-pop is also sometimes believed to have had its roots with Chinese immigrant jazz musicians who had fled Shanghai during the communist takeoverand were collaborating with the U. Inwhen the communists took over and established the People's Republic of China on the mainlandone of the first actions taken by the government was to denounce popular music specifically both Chinese pop music, known as Mandopopand Western pop music as decadent musicand for decades afterwards the Communist Party would promote Chinese revolutionary songs while suppressing Chinese folk songs, Chinese pop songs and Western pop songs.

Around the same time, Yakuza manager Kazuo Taoka reorganized the concert touring industry by treating the performers as professionals. Many of these performers later became key participants in the J-pop genre. InJapan's rock and roll craze began, due to the country music group known as Kosaka Kazuya and the Wagon Masters; their rendition of Elvis Presley 's song " Heartbreak Hotel " helped to fuel the trend. It also received a gold record for selling one million copies.

After frequently changing members, Chosuke Ikariya re-formed The Drifters in under the same name. At a Beatles concert inthey acted as curtain raisers, but the audience generally objected. The Ventures visited Japan incausing the widespread embrace of the electric guitar called the " Ereki boom".

Most Japanese musicians felt that they could not sing rock in Japaneseso the popularity of Japanese rock gradually declined. Rock music remained a relatively underground music genre in the early s in Japan, [53] though Happy End managed to gain mainstream success fusing rock with traditional Japanese music.

The most notable was the internationally renowned Isao Tomitawhose album Electric Samurai: Switched on Rock featured electronic synthesizer renditions of contemporary rock and pop songs. InEikichi Yazawa 's rock single "Jikan yo Tomare" "Time, Stop" became a smash hit that sold overcopies. He recorded the albums YazawaIt's Just Rock n' Rolland Flash in Japanall of which were released worldwide, but were not very commercially successful. Southern All Stars remains very popular in Japan today.The eight-song album was released on June 23,while the iTunes version was released one week earlier.

The whole album was produced by Alex FungJoey's friend and famous singer-producer. Its theme is to provide positive energy, and to encourage Hong Kong people.

This was the first time Joey released an album digitally first, instead of having the physical albums on stock on the same day.

One day later, a lyric video was released on her channel [2]. The public was surprised by the sudden release, the genre and the theme of the song. Although it ended up not being very popular, the Jan Lamb featured song was still mostly praised. At this point, they had targeted on cheering up Hong Kong people as the theme of the album, thus the release of upbeat songs.

The music video was shot at Last Vegas at Christmas [3]during the American stop of her Concert tour. Joey invited Korean musicians, music video director and choreographers for her next plug, " Available ". The song was heavily inspired by Korean pop songs.


The Wyman Wong penned single received three number 1s in major Hong Kong media platforms. Before the album's release, Joey released one more single, " Nobody Knows a Gemini ". Contrary to the three upbeat or mid-tempo songs released, this one is a classic Cantopop ballad. Joey collaborated with new musician, Cousin Fung for the first time.

Long time friend, lyricist Wyman Wong once again wrote the song specifically for Joey, describing the personalities and feelings of a Gemini. The song also received three number 1s in major Hong Kong media platforms. It gained a nice momentum and received two number 1s. They failed to chart due to little to no promotion.

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I was inspired by their recent barbec Next Page. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.The discography of Japanese pop and electronic dance group Perfume consists of six studio albumsthree compilation albums, twenty-eight singles and six video albums.

Forming inthe group debuted as local Hiroshima idols, releasing two singles through the independent Momiji Label.

Inthe members moved to Tokyo to further their career as idols. Signing with independent label Bee-Hive Records, the group met electronic producer Yasutaka Nakata of the band Capsulewho began to produce their music from onward.

Inthe group made their major label debut under Tokuma Japan Communications with the single " Linear Motor Girl ", [1] and in broke through into the mainstream Japanese market with the single " Polyrhythm ", their first Oricon chart top ten release. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Perfume discography Perfume performing at the Rock in Japan Festival This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.

The specific problem is: check if the titles are correct " lyric video " is most likely not a part of the music video's title Please help improve this section if you can.

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November Learn how and when to remove this template message. The song was written by Kuwata Keisukeand featured parts of Perfume's "Polyrhythm" in a medley.

Digital single by the charity, donated for Ashinaga Ikueikai supporting the orphans and children affected by earthquake. Delivery for a limited period of 1 year until June 07, Tokuma Japan Communications.

Archived from the original on March 16, Retrieved January 7, Oricon in Japanese. Retrieved January 5, Recording Industry Association of Japan. April 10, Retrieved January 1, February 29, Gaon Music Chart in Korean.

jpop album

Korea Music Content Industry Association. Retrieved July 18, Retrieved January 6, Archived from the original on January 8, Archived from the original on November 12, Retrieved May 24, Archived from the original on August 21, Retrieved April 9, May 8, Archived from the original on May 11, The group has been signed with Amuse, Inc.

The group was formed in early inside the young talent academy Actors School Hiroshima and debuted with their first Hiroshima-local single " Omajinai Perori " released on March 21, A year later they moved to Tokyo, started to work with Capsule 's producer Yasutaka Nakataand released their first nationwide indie single, " Sweet Donuts " on August 6, Inthey made a major contract deal with Tokuma Japan Communications and released their major debut single " Linear Motor Girl " on September It was not until when the group's seventh single " Polyrhythm ," which was chosen as the theme song of a recycle campaign by NHKthat they started to receive major attention in Japan.

The single peaked at number seven on the Oricon charts, becoming their first Top 10 single in Japan, and since then, all of their subsequent works starting with their eighth single " Baby Cruising Love " have debuted within the Top 5 of the charts. Perfume's first original studio album, Gamereleased on April 16,became their first number one album in Japan, and " Love the World ", released on July 9,became their first number one single.

With roughly combined sales of both singles and albums, the group has sold over 5 million records. The group was formed with an original post- Shibuya-kei sound and later transitioned toward contemporary electronic dance music that incorporated elements of synthpopbubblegum popdance-poptechnoand house music. The group is also known for their heavily processed vocals, making clever use of autotuneHarmony Engine, and vocoders.

Over the years, Perfume has been one of the most successful acts in Asian music. The group's musical structure has been identified as technopop. In the group announced that they had signed a global contract with Universal Music Group[2] and that they expected to expand their horizons and "go global.

Yuka Kawashima left the group to pursue her studies. She later joined another group called Risky and then attempted a solo career as Yuka. She graduated from the Hiroshima University of Economics in She now lives in Hiroshima and works at YNN Due to Kawashima's exit and Omoto's entry, they gave a new meaning to this name. When asked why they chose it, Nishiwaki replied, "The fragrance of perfume can soothe your feelings or make you feel happy. We aspire to be such artists.

In springthey moved to Tokyo and joined the management agency Amuse, Inc. Then the management changed the group name to English. Omoto later said, "The powers-that-be are scary. Before the group could even debut, Kawashima decided to pull out of the project as she left ASH and later formed another group called Pinkies.COMLast 4 Vip Matches. Be part of this offer. Our archives are real and all matches goes to our archive. Every day match and every day win. These are ours assumptions.

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