Show 40 post s from this thread on one page. Can anybody out there help me with some cast bullet loads for the.

trail boss loads 455 webley

I would also like some ideas on cartridge conversions to make some brass. I have tried some 45 Colt brass. After cutting the proper length I am faced with either facing off the rear of the case and drilling the primer hole out a small amount deeper, or facing the front of the rim to thin it to about. Any ideas would be appreciated. So far 5 grs Unique and grain cast flat point of grains sized to. Have made the cases from.

Thinning from the bottom, then deepening the primer pocket, usually leads to weak primer pocket bottoms. Have made them from. There is a lot of great info on this site. Richard Lee's "Modern Reloading" has load data for the. Barnes' "Cartridges of the World" has a sampling of load data.

Fiocci also makes. That would give you brass. The rim needs to be thinned from the front, and then you might have to deal with over-thick case walls when you seat the bullet. Your load sounds OK, but depending on the revolver you might not want to size them to.

You might want to try them unsized and see how they perform. Just a few pointers. The RCMP liked their old. Fiocchi ammo is good Need to make a rod AL works best as it's easy to file-form that barely slips into a. Will scar it a bit, but you're cutting off the neck area anyway.

Chucked up, need to make a second rod just a little bit under primer pocket size. This you clamp in the drill press vice as a dead-center. Case is lowered in the press onto this primer-pocket sized rod so it will spin without wobbling. IF i just had to, bet i could make a handful of cases with an electric hand drill and a bench vice. Grind one of the file edges smooth making a safe edge. Beasue the cases become so dear to you, better to minimally size to amke them last longer.

It's dead soft. Those aren't common now, but CBC Brazil occasionaly has bulk-bags of the same basic bullet for sale. Speed is NOT the goal, accuracy is. Reguarless of what's listed on the ammo charts, typical factory loads would lob bullets out in the low to middle 's. Thanks for the great ideas. I especially like the drill press idea with the modified file.Any new threads posted offering an item for sale, looking to trade or buy an item which are posted outside of Marketplace will be deleted without notice or warning.

Existing threads will be moved to marketplace. Marketplace Feedback Ratings The Marketplace feedback ratings system is now back. Instructions on how to leave feedback ratings can be found HERE. In a nutshell, 4. I estimate Trail Boss to be roughly the same burn speed as Unique. Burns very clean. Meters in a Lee disk powder measure very consistently. In short, I think it's a great powder for old BP guns.

I am very pleased with it. The all important detail : Head - gr hollow base. Nominal weight of gr. Sized to. LOA of round when case crimped into crimp groove is 1. Air temprature was 96 degrees. Dunno about humidity, etc.

Altitude is Austin Texas! The brass is longer then the Mk 2 brass. I haven't loaded Mk 2 cases, so can't offer any information on them. If you have a. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is Trail Boss load data for Webley revolver.

User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. June 05, Trail Boss load data for Webley revolver In a nutshell, 4. Find More Posts by SteveW. Posting Rules.Remember Me?

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trail boss loads 455 webley

Reloading question: Trail Boss powder, older Webleys. I'm confused.

45acp in shaved webley, using trailboss??

I've gotten my hands on some Trail Boss, and in following their directions I find that mk II brass, with a grain HB bullet seated to spec, holds just 2. I'm puzzled as to how folks are getting enough TB in there without compressing it, which I'd understood to be a big no-no with this type of powder. I could seat the bullet less deep, but not by more than a few mm; not enough to fit double the Trail Boss, in other words. Why not just use Black Powder?

Webleys are super easy to take apart for a proper BP cleaning. As for Trail Boss Softer load of BE,38, or Unique would probably be safer. With a bullet in that weight range, 4 grain or larger charges of TB would be for high capacity cases like.

On the other hand, the Mark I Webley cartridge, and its predecessors the Mk. In any event, to approach an appropriate charge of TB or, indeed, of black powder as suggested you really need to use Mark I brass or equivalent, such as a commercial variant like the. The case of the Mk. II cartridge was shortened after it was found that the smokeless propellant ultimately substituted for the original black powder charge i.

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Originally Posted by lite-box. Originally Posted by GrantRCanada. Join Date Jan Location florida Posts 4, Originally Posted by 2P Steel 6. I'd always read that TB's main benefit was in its lack of pressure. As for the BP, it's not as easy to find in my part of ultra-restrictive MA; plus, the state has all sorts of storage requirements which I think are different for BP, and which I'd rather not have to mess with.

On top of that, my club doesn't allow BP. I was afraid of that. But if, as you say, the BP charge in Webleys was so pedestrian, then maybe my calculated 2. It'd be easy enough for me to load some up and shoot it, but I am mostly afraid the bullet won't even get all the way down the barrel with such a low charge.

In any event, I appreciate the input.Log in or Sign up. Aug 31, 1. Joined: May 8, Messages: 17, Location: florida. I have a couple webley revolvers. Looking at it. If this test works. On the other hand. I'm near out of trailboss.

Aug 31, 2. There is data for. JLAAug 31, Aug 31, 3. Aug 31, 4. Load Webley loads in ACP brass. Webley cases are. ACP brass is.

Max OAL for the Webley is 1. Get your charge using Webley brass, if you have any, or cut a 45 case down to. You should be good to go. AlpoAug 31, Aug 31, 5. Get the inside case dimensions under the projectile to match the webley. Aug 31, 6. Aug 31, 7. Sep 1, 8. Use 45AR brass. Same load, but no moon clips. Works just like the Webley ammo.Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I would also like some ideas on cartridge conversions to make some brass.

I have tried some 45 Colt brass. After cutting the proper length I am faced with either facing off the rear of the case and drilling the primer hole out a small amount deeper, or facing the front of the rim to thin it to about.

Any ideas would be appreciated. So far 5 grs Unique and grain cast flat point of grains sized to. I believe Starline is making Webley case's, however I did not see them listed in the current add in Handloader.

Phone number for Starline and tell them they got to many 6's in the phone number Call and ask about the Webley case's! As far as data is concerned? Try Calling Lee Precision. Perhaps you could get them to e mail or fax you a copy?? Lee's number Please be aware I did check the second addition loading Manual and found zip for data. One of my favorite combinations.

Considered underpowered by many in this day and age but is actually a fine balance between power and quick repeat shots. You have to remember that the British Army was probably involve in more close combat than all other armies combined during the past years and it served them well untill the damned beancounters took over.

Laast year I made a couple hundred cases out of 45 LC cases. Chucked them in the lathe and used a file on the front of the rim before trimming. Doesn't take long to get the hang of it and work speeds up. I have found some revolvers with tolerances loose enough that you don't have to turn the neck at all an other that require just a touch or two of the file against the rear of the rim.

You just won't know until you try. Barrels can run a little large also. I believe that Saeco still makes a diameter mold for this cartridge. Have fun. I have! Hornady made a run of Webley cases that are probably still available from Grafs I think. Thin the front of the rim and you will be a lot better off.

Hornady Brass, 4. I love those huge old revolvers, and the lumbering pumpkins they dispense That being said, my two shootin' guns are a butchered Webley Mark VI that's been coverted to. The Mark VI had part of the ratchet and cylinder milled off to allow the shooting of half moon clipped. They left just enough of an edge to catch part of the. Please note that the Mark VI was designed for the. Every time you pull the trigger on an ACP, you're essentially proof testing the gun!

Do yourself a BIG favor and stick with the upper limit of 4. That is what I use. As far as bullets go, I ran sample loadings with commercial hard cast. The results were the ammo shot well, but the barrel leading for whatever reason was simply unbelieveable!After World War II the British government were keen to sell off all surplus military equipment to get some hard cash to begin the process of financial recovery.

Back in Britain had passed a Firearms Act to ensure, in so far as she could, the disarmament of her people. The Blackwell and later Bodkin committees had viewed the events of the Russian revolutions with fear and there was a real fear that British people might also rise up against the upper classes in revolution.

It was all too close for comfort for the British government. The United States government of the time did not fear her people might rise up in a communist revolution. The result of all this was unhappiness for the firearms enthusiasts of Britain and happiness for the firearms enthusiasts of the USA.

There was just one little fly in the ointment. The Webley revolvers had been made for a British cartridge, the Webley. Had supplies of this cartridge been abundant and cheap there would have been no problem. But the Firearms Act of had done great harm to the British gun trade to the extent that Webley ammunition was a scarce and obsolete item.

This did not perturb the American surplus dealers however who, no doubt reasonably in their own minds, figured that a. There were American revolvers already in production for the war that used the. Somebody tried it out, fed some of the plentiful and cheap surplus. Thus Webley revolvers with shaved cylinders became the most common configuration in the USA and the vast majority of them survived.

There is just one teensy weensy little detail that was either missed or ignored. The chamber pressure generated by a.

Trail Boss

They are way over the pressure these revolvers were designed for. Actually, there is one more teensy weensy little problem.

trail boss loads 455 webley

Yes it was but this was a wartime stop-gap measure. As World War I got under way and British officers got stuck into shooting at their German counterparts with their Wobbly Webleys the Germans complained that this was against the Hague Declaration of which forbade expanding bullets. So the British quickly put jacketed bullet ammunition into production.

Nonetheless the revolvers were not designed for them, but they did stand up to them.When you create a new anomaly detector, it automatically returns an anomaly score for the top n most anomalous instances. The newly created anomaly detector can also be used to later create anomaly scores for new data points or batch anomaly scores for all the instances of a dataset.

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Shooting British 455 Webley Cartridges in a Shaved Webley MK VI Revolver

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trail boss loads 455 webley

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All the fields in the dataset Specifies the fields to be considered to create the association.