With modern-day techniques of phaco-assisted aspiration of cataracts, one of the most important concepts in our phaco platforms is the creation of vacuum levels during surgery. The creation of fluid flow and vacuum levels within the phaco machine is required to provide the driving force for the outflow of the emulsified cataract and balanced salt solution during surgery.

Uday Devgan. The vacuum level is dynamic and changes during the various parts of surgery; lower vacuum levels are required during nucleus sculpting, whereas higher vacuum levels are needed for chopping and fragment removal. Our machines let us select a maximum vacuum level, typically specified in millimeters of mercury, and we can have relative control of the vacuum level up to this limit with our foot pedal position, depending on the type of fluid pump. Two primary vacuum pumps are used in phacoemulsification platforms — peristaltic and venturi.

Although they work in different ways, each has its advantages. The peristaltic pump uses rollers to compress the phaco outflow tubing in a peristaltic manner, thereby creating flow and vacuum Figure 1. The phaco machine can directly control this flow level, hence the term flow based; however, the preset vacuum level is only achieved once there is occlusion of the outflow line, typically at the phaco needle tip with cataract material.

As the occlusion happens, the vacuum builds, the rollers slow down, and the outflow level decreases. Most manufacturers pre-program how the rollers slow down once an occlusion happens at the tip. However, some machines also allow surgeons to program this speed based on their technique. On complete occlusion, the rollers come to a stop, the outflow approaches zero, and the vacuum is at its highest level.

venturi pump india

The venturi pump makes use of the venturi effect to create a vacuum. The venturi effect creates a vacuum by the flow of a fluid, typically air, over an opening. In our phaco machines, this requires nitrogen tanks or a self-contained air compressor.

The vacuum level is created within a rigid drainage cassette, to which the phaco aspiration tubing is connected Figure 2. Since there is no milking of the aspiration line, the phaco tubing can be made rigid with low compliance Figure 3.

The advantage of the venturi pump is that it is able to create the preset vacuum level without occlusion of the phaco needle tip. When the surgeon depresses the foot pedal, the preset vacuum level is immediately created, hence the term vacuum based.

venturi pump india

The outflow rate is variable and is determined by the vacuum level created; the surgeon cannot directly set it. The venturi and other vacuum-based systems typically have had the advantage of much faster rise time upon occlusion as well as the potential for much higher effective flow rates within the eye. The peristaltic pump uses rollers to compress the phaco outflow tubing in a peristaltic manner, thereby creating flow. Due to these differences, operating with these two fluid pumps is somewhat different.

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To create the preset maximum vacuum level with a peristaltic pump, there must be complete occlusion of the phaco needle with cataract material.We make Venturi Pumps as per our client''s requirement and it''s design suitable as per cage length. The Venturies offered by us are of the best quality.

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venturi pump india

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Chamunda Engineers Odhav, Ahmedabad No. Venturi Vacuum Pump Ask Price.Home Products Compressors and aeration. Combined aeration and mixing of wastewater in small and medium-sized tanks Municipal and industrial wastewater applications Storm water retention tanks, and balancing tanks. Main design features Premium Efficiency IE3 motors from 1. Documents Data sheets. Show all. Dimension drawings. Biological process The target of the biological process in wastewater treatment is to remove organic, biodegradable substances via the metabolism of microorganisms and related biochemical processes.

Equalization The task of mixing in the equalization process is to blend the wastewater in order to prevent sedimentation, stratification and odor formation. It may also be necessary to mix and homogenize wastewater streams that arrive from different sources. Because the water level in the equalization tanks varies significantly and can sometimes be very low, high demands are placed upon the mixers.

Storm water retention tank Storm water retention tanks act as a buffer during periods of heavy rainfall. This is increasingly important as areas become more developed, with hard surfaces such as roofs, roads and parking lots that cannot absorb the rainwater.

venturi pump india

When storm water retention tanks are implemented, gravity or pumps can be utilized to provide a reduced continuous flow into the sewer system. Sulzer expertise makes it possible to avoid peak hydraulic loads and to limit the stresses on existing sewer systems.

Tertiary treatment Treated wastewater may occasionally require further treatment. Local discharge rules may pose strict limits that cannot be fulfilled by even the most effective process, or a higher quality of effluent may be requested for its reuse.

When tertiary treatment is needed, various levels of filtration can be applied, including very fine filtration. Often, however, a final step of mixing and aeration is sufficient to achieve the target. How can we help you? Talk or write to our experts to find your best solution. Mail us Call us.

You may also be interested in.The name of this product is derived from the venturi effect which states that, the fluid pressure is reduced when the fluid passes through the constricted section of pipe.

For critical measurement applications, wet calibration at reputed flow laboratories can be offered. The unique geometry of venturi provides a smooth entry as well as smooth exit for the fluid. This causes a less pressure drop across the venturi i.

Low DP means low permanent pressure loss. Venturi can be used for a wide variety of applications that include air, water, vapor, steam, gas, chemical substances, sludge and slurry applications.

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Since divergent cone is provided at outlet of venturi, the pressure recovery is very good. Thus it reduces operating costs and also reduces straight length requirement. Venturi tube is broadly classified as truncated or Non truncated venturi. We are specialized venturi tube manufacturers. The venturi is called as Truncated when the outlet cone diameter of the venturi is less than the pipe dimension. When the same is equal to the pipe diameter venturi is called as non truncated type venturi.

Rectangular type venturi is used where the flow section is rectangular in shape instead of circular shape. Venturi Tube Manufacturers India. Venturi tube can be divided into 04 sections namely Inlet cylinder Inlet cone or convergent cone Throat Outlet cone or divergent cone All these sections when connected together, forms venturi flow meter. Venturi tube is also referred as Classical venturi or Harshell venturi. We are specialized venturi tube manufacturers The venturi is called as Truncated when the outlet cone diameter of the venturi is less than the pipe dimension.

Can be used for fluids containing dust of suspended particles. Short upstream and downstream length required. Based on the construction, this type of venturi is classified as Rectangular venturi with single plane contraction Rectangular venturi with double plane contraction The material combination, design will be similar to the Classical venturi tube.InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest.

We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Guide to 2-line jet pumps on water wells: What is a two-line jet pump? What do the two pipes do? How does a jet pump work? This article describes the components of a two-line jet pump water system, what the components look like, and what they do. We also describe the components of a two line jet pump water supply system.

What types of wells use a two-line jet pump for water delivery. From what depth can a two line jet pump deliver water? Types of wells and water supply systems and what to watch out for with each.

Refer to the illustration above right, courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates and also to our rough sketch provided below to see the components providing well water to a building served by a two-line jet pump located apart from the well. In our drawing the two line jet pump which draws water from the well and the water pressure tank are shown located separately from the well itself, and the well and its casing are shown located inside of a well pit.

The actual lift capacity will vary depending on the pump horsepower and other factors such as piping length, bends, diameter. Common lift height is about 30 to 80 feet but some deeper installations work. Well pits such as the one we've drawn are used especially in climates exposed to freezing weather, as a way to get access to the well casing and well piping and to route well piping out of the well through the top of the well casing and on to the building while protecting it from freezing.

In addition to showing a well pit in this sketch, we discuss and illustrate well pits a bit more. A more modern device, the pitless adapter which permits a water tight piping connection out through the side of the well casing is shown in our sketch.

Both of the charts below are for 2-line jet pumps produced by Water Ace. The Water Ace charts shown in part above make clear that the capacity of a deep well pump to deliver water at a given flow rate varies by these factors:. Because some pump models are capable of developing internal pressures of more than psi, if your building piping, pressure relief valves, safety controls, wiring, and plumbing are not properly installed, very dangerous conditions including electrical shock, tank explosion, and leaks or floods can occur.Ventura is a reckoned entity, engaged in the design and manufacture of pumps since its inception.

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